Boosting Owner’s Pay and Profit for entrepreneurs and owner managed businesses. 

Jason A. Withers

Certified Profit First Professional
& Profit Growth Strategist

Are you paying yourself enough?

Is your business as profitable as it should be?

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With 17 in every 20 (!)

entrepreneurial and owner managed businesses

living hand to mouth every week,

there’s a fair chance that could be you…TODAY.

Tell me, does this sound like you?


  • Your business isn’t making the profit it could (or should) for its size relative to its peers (you’re not putting your profit first)
  • You aren’t able to pay yourself as much as you think you should be able to (you’re too busy making sure everybody else is covered though)
  • You don’t have money set aside for taxes when you need it, or you have to scrabble around for it or ‘borrow it’ from savings (which never get paid back of course), or not pay your suppliers this month and hope they don’t put you on stop
  • You worry about meeting payroll at the end of the month if you have staff, or find yourself paying subcontractors and other general suppliers on a ‘whoever shouts loudest’ basis *no fun*

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If you’re an entrepreneur and/or business owner it’s always great to know that there is some FREE help available to you {‘cos costs matter, #amiright}

Inside you’ll find plenty of resources to help you focus on boosting your profitability, including my Profitlevers Guide showing you the easiest way to plan to double your profit (and more!) with a simple piece of technique (rocket science is overrated when it comes to building your bottom line and being able to pay yourself more)

I hear your plight as a business owner.

As a CFO I’ve been on the sharp end of financial circumstances that were *less than ideal*. {Anyone else remember 2008?}
The good news is that it doesn’t have to be a permanent way of living for you.

We can break the pattern – starting with your next receipt from a customer.

Here’s how we stop the (money) struggle:



We find out where you are now and create a strategic financial plan based on the Profit First system to increase your pay and profit to the right levels


Together we work the plan and start to control the ‘money in and money out’ through the implementation of the Profit First methdology 


As we become increasingly adept at using the Profit First system, our confidence levels in managing the cash flow within the business naturally increase as the business grows profitably. 

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