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Welcome, Profit Seeker!

Whether you’re an online entrepreneur or brick and mortar business owner, and whether you’re hustling, growing or slaying it in your business right now, you know you want a more profitable business.

(Slight) Correction – you know that you want to super-charge your profit. With ease and with simplicity. That’s more like it. And I know that every business could make more profit – including yours.

More profit = more fun, right? And everyone should want more fun in their life.

More profit = more impact. And you want your business to make a bigger impact, yes?

So what gives? You’re not shying away from doing the work, but it may have felt like there’s an imbalance between the level of profit made and the effort that you put in – it just feels too hard to make that profit.  Moreover, you know that if you want to grow your business you can’t just keep on working harder and harder {Only 24 hours in a day, remember}. Fortunately, there is another way. There is a solution for you.

It's time to Lean In - this is what I need you to hear:

  • Increasing your profitability can be done with ease. It can be done with simplicity.
  • There is no huge secret about how to make profit a ‘skill for life’
  • There is no ‘black box financial ‘magic’ going on
  • There is only 1 concept to master to make increasing your profitability a reality. Right now. #truth
  • 1 concept made up of 2 images and 3 words is all you need. I know you can manage that.
  •  PS – We don’t judge you on your ‘financial ability’ – we meet you where you are. {Just in case you were worried about that}

Whatever stage your business is at, there’s also a high chance that you’ve experienced one, some or all of the following periodically in your business journey to date (PS – these are all common issues amongst business owners, so no shame here):

  • You’ve been putting off getting to grips with ‘finance’ for too long. You know you have.
  • You thought that you’d made a profit, but it was a relief to have it confirmed.
  • You feel like you are always chasing profit, rather than being intentional about the profit that you make.
  • You feel like you’re flying ‘Financially Blind’ – acting on your ‘gut’ and your current bank balance (today and every day) to make decisions.
  • You feel as though as hard as you work, money seems to disappear as fast as it appears, with none left for you.
  • You feel like you never have enough cash available when you need or want it, even though business is ‘going well’.
  • You wish that you had a better grip on your business finances so that it would be easier to decide on the most efficient way to grow the profit in your business.
  • You don’t enjoy the thought of ‘that conversation’ with your accountant. You just don’t.
  • You feel like you’re faced with too much ‘terminology’ that you don’t understand (and your accountant doesn’t seem to help you out with this either)
  • You’ve always relied upon using ‘I’m not a numbers person’ to justify to yourself why you don’t pay closer attention to the key numbers in your business

But here’s the good news: I have confidence in you. I believe in you. 

I know you’re ready to break the cycle and ditch the feeling of financial overwhelm now so that you can truly step into your impactful CEO role. Let’s call BS on that list above. It’s time to look forwards.

It’s time for less of this ⬆⬆⬆⬆⬆⬆⬆⬆⬆

Time to switch gears and focus on more of this ➡➡➡➡➡➡➡➡➡

Enough is enough…  

You know it’s time to up your profit game.

Business. Finance. Profit. Overwhelm. Where do you start?

Or do you just try and do #allthethings and hope it works out ok?

We know that it can feel like your finances can resemble turbulent waters sometimes.

Somehow though, we always seem to be able to ‘make it to shore’. More luck than judgement, perhaps?

I know that you really crave a calmer financial existence and calmer financial waters to navigate.

Time to leave the stormy seas behind then, isn’t it?

Profit gives you choices. Fact.

That extra profit that you crave? It is within your reach.

The process is simple. It is manageable.

Even for someone that doesn’t like numbers. Promise.

It's time to take back financial control.

It's time for your financial transformation.

Are you ready to make the profit you desire?

Are you ready to get your profit transformation started and tell me about your profit aspirations? Yes or yes?
Image Jason A Withers About Us

Profit is my ‘jam’ and ‘zone of genius’ as they say. Let’s make it yours too.

I’m a profit mentor – it’s time to transform you into an efficient profit maker.

You may not be a ‘numbers’ person first and foremost, but you are a business owner – brick & mortar or online – and numbers are an unavoidable part of your future, for better or worse. My role in mentoring you is to make sure it’s not only for the better, but to break down for you in the simplest terms just how easy it actually is to be both knowledgeable and intentional about the profit that you aspire to achieve and to help you create the profit transformation you desire. I’m driven by keeping your profit aspirations on track, and empowering you to make that a reality. I’m motivated by your desire to increase the profitability of your business in an efficient and controlled manner.

Hi there, I’m Jason – 25 years of commercial and financial experience has allowed me to distil my vital profit making knowledge for your benefit into:

1 easy to understand universal concept, 8 words and 3 profitlevers. These are the only things that you need to understand. 

They will become your focus when you think about profit in your business, and you will learn how to focus on and manipulate them for yourself.

Simple benefit No1: you become intentional about, and in control of the profit you want to make.

Simple benefit No2: you learn how to relax about your relationship with numbers 

Learning to make an efficient profit is a business skill for life that will *literally* pay dividends, and PS, it’s not nearly as hard to understand as your accountant would probably have led you to believe historically.

Here’s what I believe:

There are too many great businesses – both SME/SMB and online entrepreneurial – that do not realise the levels of profit that they should (yours may well be one of them). That is often not a failing of the business itself, it’s just that no-one has ever helped the business (owner) to work out how to effectively and efficiently manage (and yes, I do mean manage) their Profit & Loss Account for maximum effect. Too many business owners are too busy trying to do #allthethings to make more profit, rather than focusing on their P&L with laser like focus in the only 3 relevant places to move those profitlevers I mentioned earlier.

Small changes can make a big difference – and I’m sure you’d back yourself to be able to make a small change, wouldn’t you? Yes or yes?

Throughout the last 25 years:

  • I’ve crunched the numbers myself,
  • Processed the invoices and the expenses,
  • Collected the money,
  • Engineered the cashflow,
  • Produced the management accounts,
  • Developed the reporting frameworks,
  • Constructed the budgets and questioned the forecasts
  • Performed business turnarounds,
  • Raised the funds,
  • Hired people and fired people,
  • Worked in a solo capacity and managed teams,
  • Made decisions and grown businesses from the inside and out as an employee and in a hybrid consultant coaching capacity,
  • Identified problems, provided solutions,
  • Created transformations in businesses and people and shone the light at the end of the tunnel for them,
  • Helped business owners and entrepreneurs,
  • Developed long term strategy and handled short term necessity,
  • Increased profits and cashflow efficiently with laser like focus.


Profit Mentor

  • Graduated with the Accounting & Finance Degree, been the Bookkeeper, Financial Controller, Financial Director, CFO & Commercial Director, Financial Strategist, Consultant, Coach and Business Mentor
  • All that goodness at your disposal to help grow your bottom line now too. Lovely.

In Summary

This is the combination of skills that we utilise to make your Profit Leap transformation possible

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So here's the bottom line....

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