Profit First:

The cash management system that works FOR entrepreneurs and owner managed businesses.

Easy to understand, effective, and makes sure that YOU get paid first…just like you always planned…

❌ Profit is not an event, nor is it about logic.

✅ Profit is about habit and behaviour.

Transform your profitability AND increase your pay with one simple switch in thinking:


  • The ‘traditional’ equation we were all brought up on
  • Prioritises everyone but the business owner (that’s you!)
  • Profit comes last
  • Expenses are prioritised
  • For the bookkeepers and accountants
  • P&L’s, Balance Sheets and other reports required to interpret this (none of which tell you whether or not you can ‘spend the money’ now)


  • The ‘new’ Profit First equation

  • Prioritises the business owner *hurrah*

  • Prioritises Profit and Owner’s Pay

  • Works with our natural behaviour

  • Provides clarity and purpose for our money

  • Know instantly whether or not you have the funds you need in the right place to be able to ‘spend the money’ – now

I get it – this is the ‘equation’ that we have all been brought up on…

but it’s not for business owners like you and me…
it’s for the accountants and bookkeepers…

Make the switch to a better way to manage your cash now!

Here’s how we make it happen.


Step 1

First things first – we need to establish where you are currently

Step 2

I provide you with a customised strategy to get your profit and pay to the levels they should be at

Step 3

I help you implement the strategy to make sure you get the results you want

Hi, I’m Jason Withers.

As 1 of less than 70 Certified Profit First Professional Coaches worldwide, I truly specialise in driving profitability in entrepreneurial and owner managed businesses every day.

25+ years of commercial experience blend into a highly effective hybrid mix of business growth coach, consultant and CFO – bringing strategic and tactical support to businesses looking to transform both their profitability, and the pay levels of the business owners.

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Once you have cash, opportunities start to appear like never before

My business finances are organised and clean. I’m profitable, disciplined, in control and motivated

Since implementing Profit First…reborn