Profit Leap Accountability Program

Turn Growing Pains Into An Efficient Profit

You’re driven and passionate about your business – and most importantly, you’ve got yourself up and running. You have found, wooed and wowed clients and that has felt good. You’ve proved you can do it.

But you’ve realised that there is so much more that you could give to a willing and waiting audience, and that’s exciting…until you realise that it seems like so much more work to make that happen.

Growing pains. Every business has them.


For the Online Entrepreneur, Solopreneur or Brick & Mortar Business Owner:

Both types of business structure will find themselves getting ‘stuck’ at some point, and all too often the thinking becomes “…I need to do more…to work harder…” Hustle and hard work are important, but they aren’t necessarily the answer you’re looking for. The answer normally lies in structure, productivity and efficiency.

The focus needs to shift to earning an efficient profit. Not just any profit. An efficient one.

It’s time to stop chasing a profit. It’s time to start being more intentional about making the profit that you want.

Welcome To The Profit Leap Accountability Program

You. Me. 1:1. An efficient profit. Sounds good.

You understanding how to make an efficient profit = a business skill for life (that you can apply to any business). A repeatable process. A blueprint for profit super-stardom. It is devastatingly simple.

My goal for you No1: to make sure that you feel supported and confident about the concept of ‘growth’ in your business, and to demonstrate that you can become very intentional about how you will earn an efficient profit in the future as your business grows (and PS – it’s not nearly as difficult as you might think)

My goal for you No2: to remove any fear or anxiety that you may have around the ‘finance function’ in your business (time to stop putting it to the bottom of the pile!) It’s time to get a handle on it. The earlier you address this, the easier it is to set up and efficient financial framework.

Businesses are formed differently and transact their business in a myriad of ways. However, the calculation for earning a profit is the same for everyone.

There is no ‘magic’. There is no ‘black box’.

Spoiler alert: Your accountant doesn’t know everything (contrary to popular belief, and PS – you need to stop relying on them if you think they do). It is simple to understand and break down what you really need. It is probably just that nobody has ever helped you or taken the time and trouble to explain it to you before.

Is this for you?

You are:

  • Typically an online entrepreneur or solopreneur, or in the early stages of a brick & mortar business
  • You have ideas and clients, but you have no-one to discuss them with – that means you tend to procrastinate when it comes to deciding your path forward, and inevitably just going through the same set of motions every month, whilst all the time knowing that you could be impacting so many more people with your brilliance
  • You are regularly billing $5k+ every month as an online entrepreneur, maybe even approaching a six-figure year. If you’re leading a brick & mortar business, then you’ll be billing at least £12-15k+ pcm
  • Your business will have been growing steadily up this point, but you may feel you have plateaued or become ‘stuck’ in some way
  • You may feel like you are working way too hard for the return that you’re seeing on your bottom line.


This happens from time to time in business – it is perfectly normal. You should be re-assured that The Efficient Profit Leap Accountability Program will help you to clear these ‘blocks’. The program will give you:

  • 1:1 time to share the ups and downs of your business
  • 1:1 time to allow you to focus on how to move your business forward
  • 1:1 time to check ideas, discuss problems



What's the format?

Here’s the outline of how we’ll regularly connect:

  • Introductory questionnaire – time for you to commit to where you are right now, and more importantly where you want to get to
  • Introductory call to discuss the questionnaire and for us to learn more about each other as people – time to get connected
  • Calls conducted via Zoom
  • 2 calls per month to maintain momentum and accountability
  • The ability to book additional sessions as you require
  • Email support or support from within our membership platform(s) as appropriate


  • 1:1 time to share the ups and downs of your business
  • 1:1 time to allow you to focus on how to move your business forward
  • 1:1 time to check ideas, discuss problems


  • Access to other programs at reduced rates, plus VIP waitlist opportunities as new programs and products are launched
  • Complimentary access to the paid Membership Group ‘The Profit Transformers’ whilst remaining a member of The Efficient Profit Leap Accountability Program {Normal cost $27pcm}

25 years of a hybrid existence of CFO and Growth Coach means that you’ll get the benefit of all of my experience of working with online and brick and mortar businesses in a manageable but focused setting. Safe and sustainable growth, with a keen eye on the numbers in your business are the aim. Creating an environment in which you get to understand how to view your business from a simple financial perspective that will give you the tools you need to be confident about how you grow, and how you can embrace the growth in profitability by working efficiently, not just harder.


Oh yes…And I keep you accountable to the plan we create so that you can achieve the things you want to achieve in your business.

We can’t all be the best at everything in our businesses. We can’t know it all. Sometimes we just need a ‘lightbulb moment’, or someone to reach out to who ‘gets’ our business. It’s natural that in the early stages of business we tend to focus more on sales and finding / winning new clients. But sometimes we need perspective too. We need accountability. There is a shift that happens between turning your day to day business into a real enterprise. Sometimes we know that we need some support, but we don’t know where to turn.

That’s why I created this type of facility to work with me because I realised that clients like you in your position need people like me, who can bring a mix of core business growth coaching with a comfortable approach to finance so that you can feel comfortable about running that growing business of yours. Not everybody is ready for a virtual CFO in their business, but having the tools on hand at your disposal to help you to understand the simple bits of finance that you actually need is always going to be helpful. A safe environment to say “I’m not sure about that” without feeling like you’re being judged is a supportive environment to be growing in.

Helping you get to your own answers is what I’m here for.