Profit Leap Intensive Program

The art of making an efficient profit – FAST!

You can be intentional about the profit that you make. It is possible to control.

We’re going to make an efficient profit.

It’s time to change your perception of how to make a profit – forever. Less hustle. More ‘know how’ in the right areas that matter. More profit.

For the Online Entrepreneur:

Business is going well. Sales are growing, and so is the client roster. Your list is growing, followers are growing. 5 figure months happen, but aren’t quite as regular or predictable as you’d like them to be. A six figure business is what you aspired to have as an online entrepreneur, and if you haven’t broken through that barrier already, you’re on track to crush it by the end of the year.

You had a great launch (lots of sales, right?), but those Facebook Ads cost a fortune…and then there was the copywriter, and the images you bought…

Sales is one thing. But what about the profit? (And PS – that’s different to the cash in your bank account by the way).


For The Brick & Mortar Business Owner:

You’re established. You have premises. You have staff. You have a team around you, and maybe a ‘second in command’ (although maybe not someone who you would trust with absolutely everything). You might be outsourcing some services and testing the water developing your product or service range.

It’s hard work controlling and motivating all of the moving pieces though, right? You know that the more you scale, the more pieces there will be. Time to grasp the reins then. Time to take control of how you’ll consciously increase profits. If more revenue means more moving parts and no more profit, that just doesn’t make sense. It’s supposed to become more profitable when you scale isn’t it?

Let’s get the profit model right now, and then scale it. Much more sensible!

We can’t all be the best at everything in our businesses, even though we try our hardest. We can’t know it all. Sometimes we just need a ‘lightbulb moment’, or someone to reach out to who ‘gets’ our business, and what it means to be ‘in business’.

It’s natural that in the early stages of business we tend to focus more on sales and finding / winning new clients. But sometimes we need perspective too. We need accountability. Sometimes we know that we need some support, but we don’t know where to turn. Moreover, we need some profitability ‘know how’ and financial confidence to scale our businesses effectively.

There is a shift that happens between turning your day to day business into a real enterprise. It’s no longer about going through the motions, doing the same things day in, day out.

The Profit Shift requires a Mindset Shift. Fortunately it’s a really simple one.

Welcome To The Profit Leap Intensive Program

My goal for you: Growth. With a lot more profit. Fast.

At the end of the first session, you will have the foundational blocks that you need – the #profitlevers – and you will understand both the power of them and how to use them effectively.

Earning an efficient profit is a skill for life. It is a repeatable process (no matter what size your business grows to). It will form the blueprint of how you will think about profit in your business ever after.

The information that you need can be delivered quickly (we allow about half a day for the first session, and this will cover everything you need to start taking action). You can start to see positive results as soon as the process is applied to your business. In the follow up sessions you will have the opportunity to apply the blueprint to your own business and we can then model your future Profit Leap plan.

You will have access to the paid Membership community for a year following on from the first session {monthly payment of $27 after the first year’s Membership}. In that community you’ll have continued access to me via FB Live Q&A sessions twice monthly.

Accountability – we work 1:1 through the half day session and the follow up calls. You will have work to do in between the follow on calls, and you will be held accountable for it. After all, we’re trying to grow fast, and in a more efficiently profitable way, so there’s no point hanging around, is there?

Thereafter, if you wish to continue working on a 1:1 accountability and coaching basis, then that is possible, but is best discussed after the second follow-on session.

Is this for you?

You want more profit. You want to see more cash.

This is for the fast action takers. The people that want the ‘know how’ to move them on from where they are now, in the shortest possible timeframe.

It’s for those who want growth, and want the profit to match it.

For the Online Entrepreneurs:


You’ll be:

  • the ‘fully booked’ coaches (or well on your way)
  • the habitual launchers,
  • the masterminders and
  • the retreaters,
  • the speakers
  • the convention attenders,

and/or, with multiple routes to income through your business with a combination of products available already (or at least with a firm plan about what’s coming next).


For the Brick & Mortar Business Owners:

You’ll be:

  • great at what you and your business does,
  • ‘in’ the business every day, but not getting all the time you need to work ‘on’ the business
  • feeling that you’ve done well to get to where you have, and optimistic about the future
  • feeling like it is time to really start accelerating the growth of the business
  • feeling like you should be hot on the finances – but you know you’re happier with sales, marketing, staff, production and customer service aspects of the business
  • aware that you need to get a grip on the profitability of the business more quickly to make sure it keeps flowing as you grow.

There’s a lot of moving parts once staff and premises are involved, and you want to make sure it doesn’t get away from you.

What's the format?

Here’s the outline of how we’ll regularly connect:

  • Pre-intensive questionnaire – time for you to share and commit to where you are right now, and more importantly where you want to get to
  • Introductory call to discuss the questionnaire and for us to learn more about each other as people – time to get connected
  • Half day virtual intensive, split into 4x 45 minute sessions covering:
    • The general principles about the efficient profit model – how and why it works
    • Separate sessions dedicated to each of the 3 #profitlevers
  • 1x 60 minute call per month or 2x 30 minute calls per month (you decide what will work best for you) for 3 months
  • Digital download workbook to help you through the added *BONUS* course, which will help you recap on our intensive session, and which will include *bonus* sections on mindset, your accountant and the purpose of financial insight
  • Calls recorded via Zoom for you to review later
  • Email support or support from within our membership platform(s) as appropriate


  • Access to other programs at reduced rates, plus VIP waitlist opportunities as new programs and products are launched
  • Complimentary access to the paid Membership Group ‘The Profit Transformers’ whilst remaining a member of The Efficient Profit Leap Accountability Program {Normal cost $27pcm}

25 years of a hybrid existence of CFO and Growth Coach means that you’ll get the benefit of all of my experience of working with online and brick and mortar businesses in a manageable but focused setting. Safe and sustainable growth, with a keen eye on the numbers in your business are the aim. Creating an environment in which you get to understand how to view your business from a simple financial perspective that will give you the tools you need to be confident about how you grow, and how you can embrace the growth in profitability by working efficiently, not just harder.

Oh yes…And I keep you accountable to the plan we create so that you can achieve the things you want to achieve in your business.

I created this intensive profit accelerator program because I’m conscious that businesses in your current position may not be ready for a virtual CFO role in their business on an ongoing basis but that that shouldn’t hold your business back from being able to take advantage of some simple profit making know how so that you can scale your business quickly, effectively and efficiently.

Bringing together a focused mix of core business growth coaching with a comfortable approach to finance so that you can feel comfortable about running that growing business of yours creates a powerful piece of support for you. Having the tools on hand at your disposal to help you to understand the simple bits of finance that you actually need is always going to be helpful.

A safe environment to say “I’m not sure about that” without feeling like you’re being judged is a supportive environment to be growing in. It’s time to commit to your more efficiently profitable future. So let’s get on with it!