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“The Bottom Line” is the business imperative: Net Profit.

It matters and it takes work to cultivate it.

If you’re in business, there’s no hiding from your Bottom Line. So you may as well learn to love it. I know you love the idea of (more) profit, but maybe not so much the process of making enough of it. That’s ok though – you’re definitely not alone…

Welcome to my Blog, “Love Your Bottom Line” – a calm place with some clear profit focus.

We’ll be exploring some core profit concepts and we’ll be focusing on the steps that you can take to start transforming your bottom line for sure. But we’ll have some other financial goodies on tap too. If you’re looking for some extra information, a pearl of profit wisdom, or a healthy slice of general financial, coaching or cash insight, then feel free to delve into the blog posts below for inspiration…and hopefully some answers!

But there’s more! Businesses are built differently, the people that run them are different, the people that work in them are different, customers and suppliers are different – and PS, that means that business models are different. That also means that there are probably some things that you’ll want me to write about and provide some additional insight on, which is great! You can hit the button at the bottom of the page and let me know what you’d like me to write about if you can’t find something that suits your needs already – or maybe you’d like me to do a ‘live’ session on a specific business finance topic – hit the button and let me know!

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You can check out the most recent Blog posts below and start growing your Bottom Line…

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Cash For Christmas

Cash For Christmas

Everyone loves cash. And most folks love Christmas. Unfortunately for businesses that offer credit, cash tends to be tighter at Christmas. People tend to hide behind it – a bit like August, it tends to be a ‘different type’ of month...

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So here's the bottom line....

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